Rotalign Ultra Hydropower

Shaft Plumbness and Thrust Bearing Levelness of Hydro Turbines

Traditional methods to measure the alignment condition of a hydro turbine, although workable and reasonably accurate, are very time consuming; it may take as long as a week to determine turbine misalignment before an overhaul.

ROTALIGN Ultra Hydropower, the latest application for the Rotalign Ultra platform, in combination with the INCLINEO high precision electronic inclinometer, delivers all important alignment parameters:

  • Shaft static plumbness
  • Shaft runout (Dog Leg)
  • Thrust bearing levelness
  • Thrust bearing corrections
  • Measure with or without turning the shaft

These allow quickand precise identification of the turbine alignment condition.

Final measurment results can be documented and saved as a color PDF report directly from the ROTALIGN ULTRA computer to a memory stick.

Available as a complete measuring system but also as an ass-on package to the INCLINEO and ROTALIGN ULTRA.