Rotalign Ultra iS Live Trend

Running on the ROTALIGN Ultra iS platform, the Live Trend add-on module monitors machine displacement during operation including run-up and coast-down.

This allows determining the positional change of a machine, or the relative positional change of coupled machines over time, and relating it to process-related or external parameters or events.

With Live Trend, you can precisely determine the real thermal growth compensation values. The 'cold' alignment targets recommended by manufacturers do not reflect the actual operating condition of a running machine. After startup, machines change their initial position as a result of dynamic loads. Therefore good alignment when the machine is cold is not necessarily the best alignment when the machine is running. In order to achieve the perfect alignment when the machine is up, compensation values have to be determined, thus allowing for a misalignment when the machine is cold.

Standard Features (Entry-Level Model):

  • Continuous measurement of machine positional changes during operation
  • Accurate measurement of the actual thermal target values
  • Live display of horizontal and vertical coupling and feet values
  • Display the trend of horizontal and vertical coupling and feet values
  • Flexible definition of markers to indicate events during measurement
  • Bluetooth module for wireless data transmission between measurement sensor and computer