Shaftalign OS3

Our econony model, the ALIGNEO, aligns machines quickly and precisely. Easy to use with dedicated keys: Dimensions, Measure and Results. Checks for Soft Foot. Stores and prints your alignment files. It's waterproof, dustproof and configurable to meet your job requirements and budget.

Standard Features (Entry-Level Model):

  • Active clock measurement mode.
  • Graphical results (machines and centerlines).
  • TolChek® determines alignment condition.
  • High resolution color backlit TFT screen.
  • Aligns horizontal machines.
  • Measures soft foot and stores the results.
  • Horizontal & Vertical ‘Live Move’ at any 45° position.
  • QuickCheck - a quick alignment check using a single dimension.
  • Static measure mode - up to 8 measurement positions for improved accuracy.
  • For coupled shafts. Uncoupled shafts can be measured with optional inclinometer.
  • Vertical machine allignment.
  • Measurement files are reuseable and can be edited.
  • Save up to 200 measurement files.
  • Static feet handles movement restrictions: bolt-bound, base-bound.
  • InfiniRange® extends measurement range.
  • Determine alignment condition of 6-foot machines.
  • UniBeam® enables quick laser beam adjustment.
  • Single-cable technology!.
  • Pre-assembled brackets for quick mounting.
  • Rechargable Li-on battery.
  • Rugged and robust control unit resists shock.
  • Measurement files are reuseable and can be edited.
  • Industrial-strength water-resistant housings.
  • Print PDF reports to memory stick.
  • Free PC Display Software for training of large groups.
  • Order No. ALI 21.003-R for standard system
  • Order No. ALI 21.003-BR for wireless system.

Like our ALIGNEO and OPTALIGN SMART instruments, the SHAFTALIGN features a modular concept that allows you to design your own alignment system, acquiring the exact features you need, and simplly adding more capabilities as job demands grow when your budget allows it.

Powerful Options:

  • Patented automatic Continuous Sweep mode - Start and stop at any position!
  • Verify measurement repeatability using the results table.
  • Pipe strain check.
  • Wireless RF module for transducer.
  • Ability to enter targets and thermal growth.
  • Input of dial indicator targets.
  • User-defined tolerances.
  • Multipoint mode readings - at any selected positions.
  • Spacer shaft with tolerances.
  • Alignment of cardan shafts with tolerances (with optional cardan bracket).
  • Acquire all the above features in one package.