Vibconnect RF


VIBCONNECT RF, a highly reliable wireless condition monitoring system for your plant machinery - no need for costly cabling. Simply install a sensor unit consisting of a radio module and two combined sensors for vibration and temperature on your machines. The sensor unit monitors machine vibration, bearing condition and temperature and transmits the relevant data to a bridge where it is evaluated. Each bridge caters to as many as fifty sensor units located within the large radio range of the system. It not only monitors the condition of roller bearings and other rotating components, but also detects damage caused by cavitation. This enables you to detect damage to machine components at an early stage so that you can take prompt corrective action.

VIBCONNECT RF wireless online system lets you optimize the availability of your plant equipment, improve equipment reliability and reduce unwanted maintenance costs.


  • Radio signal transfer - no need for costly cabling
  • Self-contained power source
  • 3-in-1 sensor for vibration, roller bearing condition and temperature
  • Includes OMNITREND PC software for configuration and analysis
  • Upgradeable with additional sensors units at any time

VIBNODE is the ideal monitoring system for assets such as: