The VIBSCANNER lightweight FFT data collector features built-in sensors for ten important machine parameters: vibration acceleration, displacement and velocity according to ISO standards as well as Shock Pulse for bearing damage and lubrication condition, pump cavitation, process parameters, inspection codes, temperature and RPM. Options for Time Waveform, one or two plane Balancing and Shaft Alignment are also available. Simple to operate with joystick navigation and crisp backlit graphic display. Measurement function includes Visual Inspection tasks. Collected measurement data can be trended, analyzed and archived with the OMNITREND PC software.

The FFT MODULE enables amplitude and envelope spectra to be measured for bearing, gear and machine diagnosis. The measurement settings are optimized to the type of machine and RPM range.

Example: The user selects 'high-speed gears' and VIBSCANNER measures an envelope spectrum of 0 to 5kHz

For evaluation, the spectrum can be magnified or reduced as much as required in both the x and y directions using the joystick. The 10 highest amplitudes are clearly listed and can be zoomed directly by pressing a key('Max10-Zoom').

BALANCING MODULE Modes: 1-plane and sequential 2-plane balancing. The extremely simple operation of the program is ensured by its intuitive, graphical user guide that leads the user through the balancing procedure step-by-step. Different balancing methods can be selected: free balancing, fixed mass, fixed location or tape measure balancing. If necessary, all the attached masses can also be combined into a single mass. If it is not possible to attach a mass, VIBSCANNER can also calculate the mass that must be drilled out of the rotor.

The TIME WAVEFORM MODULE enables the VIBSCANNER to perform functions like time waveform, sequential orbits, recording of overall values, FFT spectra and time synchronous averaging for FFT.