Vibxpert I

VIBXPERT is a lightweight, 2-channel, FFT data collector/vibration analyzer for monitoring and diagnosis of machine conditions. As a data collector, VIBXPERT records all forms of machine vibrations, bearing conditions, process data and visual inspection information. Collected machinery data is stored on an expandable Compact Flash Card (up to 8 gigabyte) and is transferred to the OMNITREND maintenance software for further evaluation, report generation and archiving.

VIBXPERT provides comprehensive analysis functionality for the diagnosis of complex vibration problems, with an easy to use icon-driven platform. Its capabilities include: order spectrum, phase, cepstrum, cross-channel phase, orbits, run-up and coast-down measurements. Analysis tools, including various cursor types, machine-specific frequency markers, signal post processing, and extensive bearing databases are included for evaluating each spectrum. With an Fmax of 51KHz, up to 102,400 Lines of Resolution and a large Black and White VGA screen, all machinery problems can be captured and easily analyzed. Alarm notifications based on ISO10816 or user-defined standards are identified with the aid of colored LEDs. If any of the spectrum's broadband or narrow band limits are exceeded, the LEDs are also activated.

The robust housing has an ingress protection rating of IP65, dustproof and water resistant, weighing only 2 pounds. The VIBXPERT is delivered with a carrying pouch having a breakaway shoulder strap for safety. The basic VIBXPERT platform is a 1-channel device, which can be upgraded to 2 individually configured channels via a special passcode. This upgrade does not require changes to the hardware. VIBXPERT can accept all sensor types for analog measurements. Several communications interfaces are supplied, including a trigger input, Ethernet, USB and serial connection (RS232).